Right Use of Will 


Have you noticed how often Mind, Body and Spirit have been mentioned?  Have you ever wondered where our Heart and Will fit in? 
Right Use of Will is free will. The Will has for so long been judged against, controlled, disciplined, punished and denied that most of us no longer really know what our Will is. Many have been calling positive thinking by the mind Will power, but this is not really Will power so much as it is mind power. While it is good to have a strong mind with all of its attributes and powers, when our mind is dominant we are not giving full acceptance to the true essence of our Will.
Our Will is the feminine aspect in all of us and expresses as emotion, intuition, receptivity and desire. To whatever degree we have been denying our Will, we have had conditional love for ourselves, and so, also, for others. We do not then, have our full Heart presence.
Freedom of emotional expression is an important part of our Will’s evolutionary path and can lead us to a greater depth of being. All of the emotions that have been labeled “negative” are a part of what has been judged against and denied in our Will’s expression. A prominent example of this is how often it has been said, “Do you choose love or fear?
Unconditional love would choose both by bringing our fears within love and finding out what they have to offer. 
Right Use of Will is a path to free Will, or freeing our Will, and helping it come into Heart balance with our masculine mind/Spirit side. Freeing our Will involves letting it show us the places where we are not free, not only outwardly, but also where we have imprisoned ourselves inwardly.
Right Use of Will is not holding the self back or pushing the self forward. It is about finding the freedom of full self-acceptance within our self that is necessary to bring true Heart balance between our Spirit and Will and manifest it in our Body as unconditional love.
I hope you will find the path of Freewill, freeing your Will, an important part of your consciousness evolution.

Ceanne DeRohan 

The first book in the Right Use of Will series talks about the many ways in which our Wills have been denied and explains how we can recover our lost Will presence. This inner balance needs to be found, and from that, outer balance can proceed. The rest of the books in the Right Use of Will series can help to go more deeply into buried belief systems that have been running us from our subconscious mind. If you want to read the books in this series, it is important to read them in order.

The additional book, Feelings Matter, gives scientific information validating the importance of free expression of our Will and the importance of feeling that our expression is received. It also explains how the increasingly widespread interference with our early attempts to express and feel received have been resulting in internal, physical imbalances in the development of our brains and nervous systems.

Lack of knowledge, as well as the widespread conditioning, have been generationally increasing the imbalances in our brains and nervous systems until many of our human qualities have become imperiled. The results of these brain imbalances can most easily be seen in the amount of greed, corruption, dishonesty and injustice apparent in the world today. Even when we think we are not affected, we may find that we are, even if only by those around us. For example, reactionary and defensive behavior when there is not a real survival threat indicates brain imbalance. 

Feelings Matter talks about what we can do to help ourselves improve our own internal imbalance and how to stop passing our problems on to our children. Understanding the far-reaching effects of Reptilian brain imbalance and how we can regain our lost balance can help us to more effectively make the shifts we need to make in the deep, underlying and subconscious levels where they need to be made, not only in ourselves, but also socially and globally. Feelings Matter also includes a resource section.

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